Neolitiske tværpile – en misforstået fundkategori

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By: Andreas Valentin Wadskjær

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The book "Neolithic trasverse arroheads - a misunderstood find category" is based on Andreas Valentin Wadskjær's thesis and is about arrows from the early farming Stone Age.

The book contains all registered data about the analyzed transverse arrowheads, which can be used to continue the research and compare it with transverse arrows from other regions and time periods.

The transition from hunter-gatherer culture to agriculture is one of the most debated topics in archeology. But for a long time, the transverse arrow has been overlooked in the debate. Archaeologists have been content with half-truths about the arrowheads of this period, which are based on over 100-year-old guesses that no one has investigated whether actually were true or not.


From the Mesolithic, we have a well-researched arrowhead chronology compiled by Peter Vang Petersen, but around the arrows of the Neolithic it becomes vague. There can be two reasons for this: 1) Agriculture is introduced in the Neolithic and with it society changes and new technologies are introduced. This means that it is no longer exciting to study the old traditions of hunting. 2) New discovery groups are also being introduced, such as the beautiful polished flint axes as well as the finer funnel beaker ceramics. The already known and more ordinary objects will thus be overshadowed. Therefore, light is given here to this "forgotten" find group. The main purpose was to set up a similar arrowhead chronology as mentioned above, but for the Neolithic. The result was groundbreaking! Contrary to what previous research has claimed, it could now be proven that there is a clear chronological development of the arrowheads from the end of the Mesolithic and well into the Neolithic. It is therefore an important tool for archaeologists, who in the future will be able to date a given context more quickly by simply looking at the arrowhead types, and thus save not only time but also money.


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