Oliver i Oldtiden – Jægerstenalderen

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Hardcover | Danish
By: Andreas Valentin Wadskjær

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Oliver in the Antiquity - The Hunter Stone Age is the first volume in the series about Oliver in the Antiquity. The book teaches children about older time periods and cultures in a entertaining way.

Oliver is on a field trip to Lake Flixton with his preschool, when he suddenly falls into the water. Luckily he is saved - by a large bearded man wearing skin clothes. Oliver has mysteriously ended up in the Hunter Stone Age. Now he must learn to handle himself in a camp over 6000 years ago.

The book, which is originalley published by Forlaget Brændpunkt, is written by Andreas Valentin Wadskjær and illustrated by Sofie Tornemark.


The book has received a lecturer opinion from Danish Library Center, who among other things writes: “A small book that nicely communicates factual knowledge about life in the Stone Age.” 

Kig ind i bogens verden:The author is in sync with his five-year-old main character, and there is no talking down to the youngest readers… The story of five-year-old Oliver's time travel is complemented in the best way by Sofie Tornemark's sympathetic line." Read the entire review here.

Rejsen i Litteraturen:The beauty of the book is that its knowledge is unfolded through Oliver's 5-year-old eyes and mind, whereby he asks questions about his surroundings, and learns about the Stone Age at a child-friendly level. Among other things, he learns about the Stone Age people's way of living, as well as how they dress and cook. In addition, Oliver learns how to chop flint, produce axes and use nature as a toilet 🙂" Read the entire review here.

Bøger.org:A children's book that can arouse the interest of all of us and perhaps most importantly the children's interest in the history of our ancestors." Read the entire review here.

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Andreas Valentin Wadskjær

Publishing House

Forlaget Brændpunkt







Publication date

13th of March 2019






Richly illustrated in colors


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